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Devil's Mind Records - Va - Refused

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 7th Nov 2005

Devil's Mind Records - Va - Refused

Devil’s Mind Records are a new label our of the (in)famous Oerebro- if this name means anything to you, you’ll know a little bit of what to expect of this new label. But for those who don’t- Oerebro’s heritage includes the legendary Logic Bomb, Hux Flux and Kluster to name a few. The Debut compilation from Devil’s Mind- Refused- is a psychoactive experiment into the dark and driving side of night-time psytrance.

Dark sounds, twisted psychedelic atmospheres driving basslines- if this sounds like you then look no further- Refused is a feast for the night-time lover, with names like Electrotripnoise vs Baphomet Engine, Crying Orc, Phobium and Metalaxis making up a comp that is a worthy buy for any lover of this genre.

The compilation opens at its twisted best with a track from Atrocious Bezerker “Murderer’s Suicide Wish”- dark, experimental and completely insane- this one sets the mood for the rest of the comp. Mental leads and psycho voice sampling with a cranking raw feel- definitely one from the devil’s mind. Next up are the are the acclaimed Electrypnose vs Baphomet Engine- 2 of night music’s big movers of this year. Cranking and crispy- this track is one for one the dancefloor is in full flight. Driving basslines and a little bit more minimal than the last track- probably the highlight of the compilation for me. Hope to hear it on a dancefloor soon!

Metallaxis’s “Dark Light” is next- the bass is deeper, faster- moving to absolute dancefloor mayhem with this one. Will push any dancefloor over the edge, with its mental 303 leads and a bottom end that just wont let up. Nuts! Silent Horror are also a name making big waves at the moment- their track “Placid on Acid” I can see why. Just loving those big galloping basslines- I can personally attest to seeing the dancefloor work to this one. Placid? Maybe not!

Savage Scream continue in a similar vein- this music is moving at a pace that it reminds me of dark metal music. I’m sure this is the feeling that is the feeling many of these producers are trying to emulate. Nice percussion break downs and glitchy breaks sections puts this up in my favourites on the cd. Nice work. “Empty Head- Crying Spirit” by Crying Orc is pure craziest as its maximum level- really love the kick drops and fills tho- really makes this track one to move to. A bit intense on the leads for my liking, but I know it will please a dedicated night fan.

Phobium’s “Transiguration” is a bit more strait forward- for me a little more handilable too. Wickid pusling bassline and a bit more minimal on the crazy high-end leads. I like where it develops to as well- absolutely crazy, but intelligently all the same. Im going to look out for more gear by these guys. Peacespect’s “Monochrome Night” is anything buy peaceful. Big distorted leads and a crazy melody that runs around the head all day after listening. Perhaps a little more grounded than the rest- but it is nearing the end of the compilation…

The compilation closes on a definite high note with the Paranoize remix of Claw’s “Symetry”. The bassline is just on this mad-note that would make me move- I know it. Mental but still a bit more minimal- I like, I like… Great end to the cd.

Well, the Oerebro heritage certainly hasn’t been let down by Devil’s Mind- Refused is a comp for the dedicated lover of the more darker, underground and twisted side of psytrance music. The album doesn’t even attempt to let the listener have a break- pulsing basslines, twisted leads and psycho ideas all come together to create this great comp. Nice work Devil’s Mind- a start of a bright future I hope.

Favourites 2, 4, 6

Rating 7/10

review by jesse kuch