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Astral Projection

Article posted by AngeleeeK on 29th Jul 2003

two decades on and still going strong...
Without doubt, ASTRAL PROJECTION have been a pivotal part of the global trance scene. In over two decades of continued success, they have touched countless music lovers with their timeless sound and unwavering dedication to the music and the movement that is trance. Emerging from the vibrant Israeli underground dance/industrial scene of the late eighties, ASTRAL PROJECTION's Lior Perlmutter and Avi Nissim have inspired an entire generation as respected musicians, and, as founders of the famous TRUST IN TRANCE label.

AngeLeeeK talks to Lior Perlmutter about AP's upcoming Sydney appearance at BONDI BITCH, their gold selling album "Amen", life on the road, the next generation of trance...

AP has enjoyed phenomenal success with its 2002 release, AMEN. Did you expect such a big response?
I think so. We knew the album was a bit different so were not sure what we expected. We knew it would do well anyway!

Did AMEN attracted a wider variety of fans than your previous work?
Yeah, the new generation of Trancers who were just getting into this music.

You and Lior began as childhood friends. Now, as partners in AP, how has your relationship grown and changed since those early days? As friends AND professionals working so closely together, how do you maintain such a good relationship?
It's like being married. There are ups and downs, but I guess you just work through it knowing that we still have a lot of music to give keeps us together!

What are some of the qualities that you and Lior bring to ASTRAL PROJECTION as individual artists?
Avi is more of a pusher and mover. I'm more laid back so obviously that has an effect on how we think about music and create music.

Are there any other musical directions that you would like to take as individuals outside of AP? Do you and Lior work on solo projects outside of ASTRAL PROJECTION?
NO solos so far. We do produce selected artists here and there but the main thing is ASTRAL - there's just not enough time.

ASTRAL PROJECTION has had a long and extremely successful career. In many ways trance crowds are enjoying your earlier work now as much as they did when it was first released. How do you create music with such a timeless appeal?
I think we are very true to ourselves when we make music.

Knowing that your music has inspired an entire generation of trance lovers and artists throughout the world must be overwhelming. When you first started out, who inspired you? And who inspires you now?
Electronic music in the eighties and then the first acid house wave in 88-89 after we turned into trance. Today, in the last year or so, we love a lot of stuff coming out of Israel - the new generation.

With your label "Trust in Trance" you also work closely with up-and-coming trance artists. Do you think that there is a change of direction in the next generation of trance music? How is it evolving? In your opinion, what does the 'next generation' of trance promise?
It's becoming a VST culture!

What professional and personal advice can you offer to this 'next generation' in trance?
Be good people, be aware of what's around you!!! Be honest?

You guys have travelled all over the world to perform - your touring schedule is hectic to say the least! How do you cope with being away from home so much, especially with families and loved ones?
I miss my dog a lot, and Avi can't go for more than two days without his daughter. It's tough, but it has to be done!

After AMEN, fans are extremely curious to see what AP will produce next. Any news on your new album?
We're sketching now, just putting down ideas?in a few months we will get into the next stage and finish.

Is it difficult coping with the celebrity attention? Has the way that you relate to your fans changed with your growing fame? Is there a price for fame?
We always try to talk to anyone who comes up to us - it can be hard at very specific times...not the right moment (like in the middle of setting up for a show)?but anyone who likes your music so much deserves a nice response.

With the ongoing conflict in the world and escalating tension in Israel, what is some of the recent feedback you have received on the opening track to your latest album AMEN, "Prayer for peace"?
To tell you the truth we thought the sample was pretty cool for our given situation! I don't think people really understand what's going on here. Nobody really said that much about it.

You speak about the values of trance music culture as based "consciously or un- consciously, on Freedom, peace, love, one nation, one language, same symbols". Despite the 'unifying' quality of trance, do you think that the particular political and cultural realities in which an artist lives, is conveyed through their music?
Absolutely!!! All musicians are inspired by their own life.

What can Sydney crowds expect from AP's 'live' performance?
Good music!!!

Both you and Lior are also playing individual DJ sets - how would you define your individual styles?
Actually we are doing individual sets at the after party. Avi and I like the same thing in music.

It has been rumoured that ASTRAL PROJECTION will be appearing in-store at Sydney's ELECTRIC MONKEYS RECORDS... Can you confirm that?
You'll know soon enough!