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Article posted by admin on 5th Aug 2002

Joti Sidhu in South AfricaFor one night only, Joti returns to Sydney on Saturday 9th February to unleash his magic in one of the most amazing spaces this city has to offer - Bohem. 800 people witnessed the sheer power and energy of Joti Sidhu at the first Full Circle event. Don't miss your chance to experience one of the worlds truely great and sought after psytrance djs in his exclusive Sydney performance!

Can you give me a brief history of your involvement in the dance music scene? How did you first get involved, what have you been involved in?
My first introduction to dance music was, as for alot of people, Acid House, which was around the time I started to dj in 1988, playing at clubs and parties in Brighton, Uk. In 1992 I first started messing around with beats and pieces, and looking around for more interesting parties and scenes. Having got into Techno, especially the Belgium variety, I heard about some crazy Goa parties from some friends who assured me these parties were about the music. I found myself at a party in a dissused quarry, Mike Maguire (Juno Reactor) and Serge Souque (Total Eclipse) were playing, here I met Dino Psaras, we got together to form Ayahuasca which was on one of the first Goa Trance compilations.

My memories of the parties back then are full of crazy, chaotic, almost circus like madness where anything would go and it usuaully did!!

You've played at a number of events and festivals around the world, including one called 'The Burning Man' was what that all about?
'The Burning Man' festival has been going since the 70's. It started out with a few hippies hanging out in the desert, they would take material possesions with them and burn them in ritualistic fashion (so the story goes). Now it has grown to a huge festival/city where the main show is the burning of 'the man'. On average they get about 40 thousand people, and it runs for 6 days. I don't think its really a festival of music, its not really about the parties that go on there, its really about just being there, hanging out with friends getting messy, riding around on the push bike, getting lost........brilliant!!

What are some other interesting/unusual events that you have played at? Do you find the crowds differ from country to country?
There is a very old castle in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, which is probably one of the best venues in Europe. Its good all year round, with a large indoor and a huge outdoor courtyard with the capacity for about 4/5000 people in both rooms...but the parties are very good in Yuglslavia anyway. In my experience the waring nations have very good parties and scenes, for example Yugoslavia and Israel.

Tell me a bit about your latest project Psychaos. Your bio mentions that it takes a more varied and innovative approach to sound. Can you explain this?
Now I am moving away from Psychaos and the older Psychaos sound and into a more broarder style of music, experementing with different styles, but it wont be under Psychaos which I have left behind me now. Its been about a year since I used the name Psychaos, the last four or five tracks have been under 'Joti Sidhu'. I'm feeling that I am moving away from the whole 'PSY' thing.

Is music a full time career for you?
Music, djing, travelling is all I do, it is my life taking my sound to the four corners of the globe. I play three times a month in Europe and spend all my time in the studio between gigs.

Keep an eye out for Joti Sidhu New releases:
· Joti Sidhu - Free Radical EP (Atomic Records)
· Joti Sidhu - X-N-Trick (MDMA-'Pure MDMA')
· Joti Sidhu - Juice (Neurobiotic)
· Joti Sidhu - DownPusher (Atomic ;soon...)

Joti Sidhu plays Sydney on Saturday 9th Feb 2002 for more info visit the Psychaos Party website @ www.australiens.net/psychaos