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Iboga - Set:6- Evolved - Compiled by Freq

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 23rd Nov 2005

Iboga - Set:6- Evolved - Compiled by Freq

Super-label Iboga’s set series has been one of the strongest performers of 2005, with each volume showing a different side of this diverse and innovative label. “Set:6 – Evolved” compiled by New Zealand born, Australian-based Freq is the latest in the series, and a corker it is. Freq’s style is definitely evident in this release- deep, groovy progressive music, with massive production that puts in a class of its own.

Set:6 contains a mix of new Aussie music together with some great music from the rest of the globe- artists like Nyquist (Freq’s deeper side project), Ace Ventura, Morax, Nasser, Zen Mechanics and remixes of Freq’s tracks by reknowned artists like Liquid Soul and Sun Control Species should give you a good idea of the worth of this cd. A major feature of the cd is the production level- each track’s mastering and studio work is amazing, clean and crisp sounds all around. Freq’s love of deep bass also shines through, with each track possessing a intelligent and groovy bottom end.

The compilation begins with Sun Control Species’s masterful remix of Freq’s Carbon Based Lifeforms. One of my favourite tracks on the Freq album, I heard that this was one of the biggest arrangements that SCS has ever put together. And it shows- the remix is all class, with the intelligent musicality of SCS music paired with the amazing Freq sound- it would be hard to put a foot wrong. Emotional, atmospheric and most importantly- danceable. Liquid Soul’s remix of another Freq album track- “Strange Attractors” is next- and let down the pace it doesn’t. Liquid Soul are on fire right now- and this track is easily one of the standouts of the cd. Takes the original track to a more stomping, psychedelic level, without losing any of the feel of this amazing song. The lead work is done really well- with the dominant original melody riding out over a revised bottom end- wicked stuff. Loved the bass break down toward the end too… All class this track.

Next up is the Ace Ventura (half of the legendary act psysex’s progressive act) remix of the Beckers electro smash “Switch”. The original was a definitely club anthem, and I was definitely interested when I heard Yoni was doing the remix. When I first heard this track I couldn’t imagine it with a massive galloping bassline- but after hearing this reworking, I couldn’t argue- this track rocks. Massive bassline that just keeps grooving, huuuuge tribal percussion work and that catchy vocal that will just run about your head all day… I can see this being one of the dancefloor smashes of the coming months. Zen Mechanix are better known for their full on projects, but they have had one previous release on Iboga too, and judging by that and this track- they aren’t half bad progateers either. A deep groovy bassline with funky, cheeky leads- definitely one for the daytime hours.

Morax is the side project of the well known Israeli tek-trance act Triac. Please don’t be fooled into thinking this is tek-trance though- the Morax direction definitely seems to be more in the upbeat, daytime progressive that is starting to come more and more out of Israel. Its good to see some great proggy music coming out of a place that is usually more reknowned for full on. When I first heard the next track by Casa Flava, I really did think it was Freq. They have an amazingly similar sound in production and I can easily see why Freq chose “Further South (deep mix)” for his comp. Similar leads and production shows that while Freq’s sound is very unique- there is other music in the world on this same level. Lovely tribal atmospheres and more of a housey feel, this one is in the top3 tracks of the album for me. Pure and utter class.

Freq’s only original on the cd is from his new side-project, the deep and grindy Nyquist. The Nyquist sound is definitely a lot deeper than the original freq, slower in BPM with a whole lot more emphasis on rhythm than the floaty leads than Freq is famous for. I know this track is definitely an older one- I’ve heard it some time ago- and its soooo damn good so I can only await for more Nyquist stuff in the future. I must say, from what I’ve heard, I much prefer the Nyquist sound to Freq- I hope he keeps it up! New Israeli progressive act Manual Duego is up next with the winding “Deceptions”. I must say for a first release, this one is a real corker. Probably the most “psychedelic” progressive one on the release- a moving bassline and twisting melodies with a sweet break down section toward the end. Looking forward to hearing more from this guy!

Closing the comp is Nasser, an artist which I haven’t seen a release from in a while, its nice to see hes still alive and well, haha! Groovy tribal for the last offering, great end to one of the best compilations this year. Love the hihats in this one- topped off with the little tribalisms and slinky leads I’d have to say the closing track is one of the highlights.

All in all, while I would have thought Freq might have put a few more newer originals on this one, Set:6 is still undoubtedly one of the best progressive releases of the year. Something for everybody on this release- it ranges from stomping, more “psy” progressive stuff, to deep and intelligent tribal- all without feeling that lovely feel of the Australian progressive scene. Freq time and time again proves he’s one of the premier artists in the world, and this one shows he is no slouch compiling other peoples music as well. Go Freq! I love your taste bro, can’t wait for some more originals soon!!! Iboga hit it on the head once again (can you expect anything else these days?)