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Fog - Lust (ZMA Records)

Article posted by Meltdown on 9th Jun 2006

Fog - Lust (ZMA Records)

Artist: FOG
Title: Lust
Label: ZMA Records
Format: CD
Cat No.: ZMACD029
Released: January, 2006
Release Info

Track Listing
1. Mood Structure
2. Never Enough
3. Windflower
4. Missing
5. Lust
6. Ravine
7. Commercial Understanding
8. Under Pressure


Lust is the latest album release from one of the leading progressive labels ZMA Records. FOG is Achilleas Dimitrakopoulos also known as Elastic and after his solid 2005 album on Yellow Sunshine Explosion, FOG's "Lust" has taken yet another step forward with an even more mature sound. A deep progressive release, with slowly winding tracks and subtle progressions through the album, this CD is ideal for luring a dancefloor into a deep trance. While hypnotising in nature, the tracks will wind up into energetic peaks to build the vibe through controlled peaks and valleys.

The somewhat contraversial CD cover might be a case of love it or leave it, but it is in theme with the release and certainly demands attention with it's mostly naked chick on the front. I have no doubt the male audience will have no problem with this cover ;)

With deep rolling basslines and precision production, FOG's music also features organic instruments as well as recorded lyrics which creates a feeling of intracate and smooth musicianship. I'll keep the individual track reviews brief, as I think this album is a gem as a whole and is of a specific style, so there's no need to over-analyze every individual track!

The Tracks

1. Mood Structure (129 bpm)
This is a nice smooth opening for things to come. Smooth, deep & in no 'rush', this track develops nicely and has a good hypnotic rhythm.

2. Never Enough (127 bpm)
A couple of bpm slower than the last, but still moving with the same energy. This track again features Fog/Elastic's tight, organic percussion moving this groove along nicely. The female vocal isn't particularily my taste, but it sits in the track reasonably well if you're into this sort of sound.

3. Windflower (126 bpm)
This track has real swing, with a deep bassline, a lot of 'call & response' type feel, this track is definitely hypnotic progressive 'zone' material. Perfect for pacing through those mid afternoon smooth progressive sets.

4. Missing (128 bpm)
Taking a slightly different direction, Missing could be said to be slightly darker than the others so far. With a more minimal feel & a low bassline, this is perhaps also a little more haunted than the previous, probably not quite as 'driving'. I'm thinking good sunset music at a festival!

5. Lust (128 bpm)
The album's namesake track here, and a very nice track! Again the hypnotic groove that Fog is so good at, gently builds through the track adding layer upon layer to the mix as it takes form.

6. Ravine (130 bpm)
One of my faves on this album, Ravine is a slight step up in tempo, and in energy. Pushing along this track has a few more raw, twisted and unexpected sounds and stabs etc through the track as opposed to the silky smooth textures of previous tracks. Very nice groove.

7. Commercial Understanding (130 bpm)
Following through with the slighly more moving tracks, this track again has a bit more 'edge' to it. One might even say a bit of electro influence, this track has bounce, still with the Fog flavour, but a more driving track with intense building throughout the piece, very nice! Possibly my fave on the CD.

8. Under Pressure (128 bpm)
Under Pressure winds things back down again. A nice downbeat ambient track to slowly ease out of this trance induced hypnosis and back to reality! I have to say, this is one album where I feel the ever so common downbeat-last-track is well placed and very fitting to the overall album.

Without doubt this CD is best summed up in my opinion as deep, hypnotic progressive. Think nice big progressive afternoons on festival dancefloors when it hits that 'zone' and stays there. The album follows a journey itself in it's track order and I think this cd is as enjoyable to listen to as it is on the dancefloor at the right time. If you're after energetic uplifting progressive, this is probably not for you, if you're looking for intelligent, subtle winding, hypnotic progressive, don't miss it!

Favourite tracks: 7, 5