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DJ Zombi (Very Progressive Records, Israel)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 2nd Jun 2005

DJ Zombi (Very Progressive Records, Israel)

JK: Hey my friend, how are you?

DJ Zombi: Hi, I'm totally fine!

JK: Very Progressive is one of the more unique Israeli labels, focusing less on a genre rather progressive music as a whole. Your artist pool seems quite diverse; can you tell me a bit about VP’s label direction?

DJ Zombi: Well, as we don’t want use any music terms beside one word “Progressive” so our label direction is simple as that – we like to deal with grooves that sound refreshing to us, feelings that make us excite and quality that will stay for a long time. That’s more or less our direction.

JK: You have releases from some of the biggest artists in the progressive scene at the moment, like Antix, Fitalic, Andre Absolut, Freq, Ticon, etc, the list goes on. Can you tell me a bit about the release schedule for 2005 and beyond?

DJ Zombi: Yes, we started straight from top producers and in the same time showed the world many new talents which got not less attention than the well known acts. After all what speaking is the music. Our release schedule is busy and its Igal Magitman EP with D-Nox and Beckers Remix on flip side, 2 CD compilations from label owner Avi Nini and mine also, and a very surprise EP from Australian producer Native. Also we plan some home listening CD with broken beats and sofa music.

JK: You guys used to be part of Domo Label group, but I understand you guys are now independent? I understand it wasn’t a bad split, can you tell me your reasons?

DJ Zombi: The reason is that we believe in total concentration on what we do and it was better separate the labels and continue work independently.

JK: What’s it like being a strictly progressive label in the very full-on oriented Israel? Does it make it hard, or easier, with less competition?

DJ Zombi: Well, our sales mainly happen in Europe and Japan, In Israel people hardly buy music at all. In feeling side of things it’s very nice to be different!! I like my state here a lot, no wars with anybody, no competition.

JK: You and Avi Nini are both Label DJs/owners. How did you guys meet?

DJ Zombi: In fact Avi Nini is a label owner and I’m music scout and what so called A&R. The idea of the label came from me when we were in Domo, but finance and distribution is Avi’s field. I’m responsible for music and its take lots of power.

JK: Do you get a lot of gigs in Israel? I understand it’s harder for progressive acts/DJs to get gigs there? I have heard you called “Top Dog” of the prog scene tho…

DJ Zombi: It’s sure a Full On land here but its mean there is lots of very good Full On artists and DJs which have very hard competition. I play regularly, usually twice a week, and it’s happen because I play at different kinds of parties and usually I have residence at some club plus open airs all around and my weekly bar sessions. Right now I became resident of best House club in city and I’m very happy with that. To play progressive in Israeli Psy scene mean to play open sets which became boring after a while, so clubs is a place for my music mostly. But on the other hand all big festivals or special big open airs also want some different beat during day time, so they find me easily, hehe!

JK: Have you travelled much as a result from working with VP? Do you have any plans for travel in the future?

DJ Zombi: I’m right now rising my international career and I have 2 serious upcoming abroad gigs – Indian Sprit Festival in Germany and Universo Paralello in Brazil. Also I played in few German clubs and open airs.

JK: Tell me a bit about the label artists for VP, Sonify and Brisker and Magitman? Faces to watch I here?

DJ Zombi: Both very promising acts, while Magitman already became a label leader with few highly acclaimed releases. Also he released on Plastik Park and more come soon.

JK: What do you look for when picking tracks for release on VP?

DJ Zombi: I’m looking for good music, for special groove which will be moving and in same time make you feel comfy! Overall I pick up tracks which I myself can play in DJ sets and believe me, I’m very selective.

JK: Who else do you think are artists to watch coming up in the progressive scene?

DJ Zombi: There is few I guess, watch out for Nick Gelbea, Sharon and Robert and also Eyal Gelder.

JK: Who are your favourite artists to mix or just listen to at home? Who inspires you musically?

DJ Zombi: Beckers Is my favourite artist, his 80-th inspired progressive sound just so much fit my own taste, that’s why he played on my last party!

JK: Have you heard much of the Australian progressive sound? What do you think?

DJ Zombi: Australian progressive is great, Luke Chable – Kasey Taylor – Infusion, those guys absolutely great! I think Kasey Taylor one of the best DJs now days.

JK: What can we expect from VP in the future? Any surprises in store?

DJ Zombi: I can promise you that you can expect the best only, just keep update yourself and let me know if you get surprised!

JK: Any thank yous?

DJ Zombi: NO, thank YOU!