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Illusion of Self (Tribeadelic)

Article posted by D-Psyfa on 16th May 2003

D-psyfa spoke to James Stevens of Illusion of Self about his debut album to be released in Sydney on May 17.

Q. What is your musical background? Have you studied music before?

A. I studied guitar for about 15 years with numerous teachers

Q. How did you become to start listening to electronic music and how/ when did you start producing psytrance?

A. About the time the prodigy came out. I was never very interested in mainstream, then about 5 years ago a good friend introduced me to psy. For me that was the evolutionary step.

Q. What influences if any have helped you to develop your unique style?

A. I work hard on not being over influenced by other artists (although it is hard), but early influences were Pink Floyd. They gave me the idea of what trance was meant to be, but my favourites would be GMS, Infected Mushroom, Logic bomb and Dark Soho (they?re all good)

Q. What is it about Psytrance that appeals to you most?

A. Finding a Trance state of mind (without intoxication). The quality of sound, and the complexity of the music.

Q. Who is your favourite act at the moment and why?

A. To me (and this is my opinion although many people are different), it would be GMS for sure. Despite what some people might say, I think they have the right energy and and their music will make you get into it whether you want to dance or not.

Q. Do you have any plans to play or promote your music overseas? Are you playing any International trance festivals in the future?

A. Tribeadelic Gathering, a 3 day outdoor psychedelic festival in Victoria over New Years

Q. You will be showcasing your debut album at the Sydney launch on May 17 at the Dendy. How would would you best describe your musical style?

A. A style of no style, I use elements that I personally like. It?s my interpretation of electronic beats, Some people would say it falls under the category of psy. As far as I am concerned psy has no limitations and everyones interpretation is different.

Illusion of Self plays in Sydney on the 17th of May... for more info check http://www.australiens.net/whatson