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Threshold Productions and Sonify - No More Silence 12"

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 13th Oct 2005

Artist: Threshold Productions & Sonify
Title: No More Silence
Label: Baroque Limited
Format: 12" Promo
Released: 15th August, 2005
Covers: http://images.juno.co.uk/full/CS188809-01A-BIG.jpg & http://images.juno.co.uk/full/CS188809-01A-BIG.jpg


Threshold Productions from Sweden and Sonify from Israel are two of the more interesting upcoming acts on the progressive psytrance scene today. Torsten Edwinson, a former member of psychedelic acts Masada and Klegg with releases on StoneAge, Inpsyde and Tsunami, has received lots attention for his releases on Dance n Dust and Groove Zone in the last year, while Andy Yakovlev (Sonify) has released on labels like Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Kagdila and Oxygen as a member of Sound Field, and with his soloproject ProSect.

"No More Silence" is the first release from their new collaboration, and the fact that it is released on the sidelabel of one of the biggest progressive labels, Baroque, has really raised expectations. Let's see if they can live up to them.

A. Threshold Prod. & Sonify - No More Silence (Original Mix) [125 BPM]

The original of "No More Silence" starts of with a kinky vocal, followed by a lazy, yet very attractive groove. Around 1 minute into the track we get the first hint of the overall theme of the tune - a guitar, which plays a simple, yet quite delicious melody. Some big, evolving pads enter before the lovely breakdown in the middle of the track, and after this it's pretty straight grooving, until the appearance of some slightly full on'ish synth-stabs in the background in the last couple of minutes. Good tune, relatively fresh sounds and no wonder why Baroque picked this one up.

AA. Threshold Prod. & Sonify - No More Silence (Damien Heck's Feroshi Gets Fierce Mix) [130 BPM]

The Canadian progressive producer Damien Heck provides the remix, and his approach is definitely more in the straightforward progressive trance/house territory. There is a lot more emphasis on a faster, harder groove than in the original, and the big, uplifting sounds and melodies are taken one step further. The result is great, and to be honest it's my preferred mix - not highly original, but very smooth and enjoyable.

Bottom line:

"No More Silence" is definitely a worthy debut for the two psy-producers on the more club-oriented progressive scene, and while it probably won't go down in history as an essential release, both mixes are of a pretty high quality. Not for every fan of the progressive psytrance sound, but the progressive house/psy crossover listeners are adviced to give it a listen.


Both (but with a slight preference for Damien Hecks remix)




Baroque: http://www.baroquerecords.co.uk
Threshold Productions: http://www.thresholdproduction.com
ProSect/Sonify: http://www.prosectorium.com

Interview by Profane