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Time Lock - Power Charge (BNE/Yoyo)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 19th Nov 2005

Time Lock - Power Charge (BNE/Yoyo)

“Power Charge” is the long awaited 2nd album from one of Israel’s top full-on producers, Felix Nagorsky, aka Time Lock. One half of now legendary (but retired) tech-trance act PPS Project, the sound of Time Lock explores a more full power, bass-heavy full on psytrance sound. I was quite a bit fan of his first album “10 Seconds Away”, so when this one arrived I was more than curious to see what he had come up with.

And disappointed I wasn’t! “Power Charge” is exactly that- a powerful, intelligent full on release, with lashings of funk, morning and tek influences and out-of-this world production. Taylored for when the dancefloor is at its peak, the Time Lock sound is both original and unique. You can definitely pick his sound out from the crowd, but the album as a whole travels through a few different styles for different times showing that he is a multi-faceted producer.

“Hellion Prime” opens the cd in true Time Lock style… Massive driving bassline, with huge mechanical sounds and flying leads. One of the less melodic, more driving numbers on the album I can see this one getting a bit lashing on dancefloors globally. “Energy Sequence” is next, continues on with the driving style, but takes it a bit more positive. His lead work is really good on this one- its crazy how he gets the glitchy/tekky thing going- but the solid bassholds it from getting too “up there”. Also credit to this one little appegiated noise in this track- you’ll know the one!!!

The title track “Power Charge” is the 3rd offering. Reminds me a little bit of “Extatic” at the start (one of my favourite Time Lock releases). The bassline has got a bit more movement, in this one, very funky and jumpy in its movement. Lovely breakdown section about 3 minutes from the end too. Very Israeli, the title should give it away, but nice none the less. Time Lock’s remix of fellow BNE artist and trance-megastars Infected Mushroom is next; I must admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of the original track, but the Time Lock reworking must be given credit for making this remix a tolerable version of this track. Takes a lot of the cheese out and replaces it with some massive bass and reworked leads. Nice work, its always good when u can make an remix better than an original.

“Acid Proof” is probably my least favourite on the album, its just a bit too melodic and rolling for me. Its definitely by no means a terrible track, but something tells me this one is the one to please the more commercial side of BNE. Will probably be the next big dancefloor smash, probably a little bit too generic for me, that’s all. “Flying” picks up the pace a bit, back down to a deeper, more bass-heavy tip again. Love the grindy lead at the start of the track, its like it just appears and disappears. Some funky rhythms lead into full power appegiated 303ish noises toward to end- definitely full peak floor gear. Nice work.

“10 000 Fahrenheit” is Felix’s favourite track of his own- I can see this one making it as one of the “smashes” of the cd. Reminds me a little of some of the stuff on the new Black and White release (they were both PPS together)- I love the intro and some sections, but it looses me for a little bit with the “disco-bass” style. Doesn’t ride it for too long though, so doesn’t ruin the track. Definitely one that will turn heads. “Brain Spawn” doesn’t have the afformentioned disco bass- in fact its one of the most driving, cheese-free ones on the album. Serious dancefloor music, with pounding basslines and big funky leads and a big morning feel. One of the highlights for me…

Closing the compilation is “Unbalanced” featuring June Rashava – an older one I’d heard a lot on dancefloors before I got the cd. Amazing morning music, definitely one of the best produced tracks on the cd. When I first heard the vocals I wasn’t so sure about all this “insecure” stuff, but when I hear it (and see it) working a dancefloor it can’t really be argued with. A fitting end to this great cd, I was actually surprised there were more vocals over this album.

All in all, Time Lock’s 2nd Album “Power Charge” is certainly that- full power, Israeli full on with a unique and original twist that puts him in a class of his own. You can definitely pick this sound out from the many other producers that come out of this country, and its no wonder he’s one of my most sought after acts in the world right now. Many Australians would have caught them last new years at Tribeadelic, so I don’t think you’ll need much convincing to get this cd anyways. But those who haven’t heard… If you are looking for an album to rock the dancefloors in the morning hours, don’t look much further than this, it’s as they say in Israel, “Killer!”