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Bluetech (Aleph-Zero Records, USA)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 12th Dec 2005

Bluetech (Aleph-Zero Records, USA)

Hey Evan, How are you?

I’m doing well! Excited about the new release and hoping that everyone enjoys it.

So tell me a bit about yourself. How old are you, where do you live, and when did you first start the Bluetech project?

I am 28 years old, and I'm currently rather nomadic up and down the West Coast of the United States. I first started the Bluetech project in 2002.

The downtempo/chill/ambient scene has always been strong, where did you first come in contact with it? Who were some artists who inspired you when u first got into it?

I’ve listened to this kind of music for a long time. For me the artists that were early inspiration were Higher Intelligence Agency, Sounds from the Ground, Ultramarine, the Orb, etc.

Your first album was considered pretty landmark when it was released… how has your sound evolved and changed with the new release “Sines and Singularities”?

I think that the music has become more apparently Bluetech. Earlier works had some obvious influences, but the new music is just Bluetech: through and through.

I see some remixes of Shulman and Pitch Black on the new album- do you work with any other artists regularly? Any remixes or collaborations in the future we can look forward to?

It seems I am getting more and more remix work which is nice, as I really enjoy doing it! There are some remixes and collaborations coming up in the future, most noticeably a project called String Theories which is a collaboration between myself and cellist/violinist/producer Rena Jones.

Which artists inspire your sound these days? Who do you think makes amazing music in the world right now? Any new names you’ve heard lately that are doing good things?

I find all kinds of music inspiring, but I don’t think it alters my sound per se. I post a list of things I am listening to on the front page of www.nativestaterecords.com for people to check out. Lately a band called Marconi Union has got me really excited, as it's one of the more sophisticated ambient releases I’ve heard in awhile!

So now the albums released, what are you plans? Any other release plans in the near future? Any events coming up we can catch you at?

I’m finishing up a midtempo album soon, which should be familiar to anyone who has seen me live in the last year or so. It’s still dubby head music, but the tempos are faster and it all rides along a nice 4/4 beat. I’m always playing shows, so people can check my website for current show itinerary.

Have you had much of a chance to tour? If so, where have you played? What has been your favourite party to play?

Ha! I’ve been on the road almost 7 months So far this year, and I’ve got shows until the end of the month, and already booking into January! I’ve played all over the world: Japan, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Croatia, U.S., etc. I couldn’t pick a favourite party as they are each different and special, but Underwater Overground in Croatia is really nice party, and In:Vision in Canada is awesome as well.

What's the most memorable moment in your career so far? (if you can pick one!) Any goals you want to achieve for the future?

Every moment is memorable! There is no way I can pick one. Each time I think that it couldn’t possibly become more special, something new comes along to surprise me. My friendship with Shulman and the shows I have gotten to play with him has been very memorable. For the future I just want to keep creating music that moves me, and hopefully other people will be inspired by it as well.

What does your studio consist of? Are you mainly softwear based? Or do you use hardwear and acoustic instrumentation as well?

I’m all software. Cubase SX and Reaktor being my main tools, though I use all of the NI stuff.

What sorts of things do you get up to when not producing music? Any hobbies or interests that keep you occupied?

I’m a sucker for a nice waterfall. I love hiking and exploring nature.

Any last words, thank-yous or people you want to mention?

I would like to thank Aleph Zero actually, for believing in me, and putting so much energy and love into releasing my records and helping me get my music out to the world.

Cheers mate, thanks so much It was a pleasure to talk to you. Good luck with the new album and the future…