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Hujaboy / E-Jekt interview (Spun/Phonokol, Israel)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 9th Jul 2005

Hujaboy / E-Jekt interview (Spun/Phonokol, Israel)

Hey Nir How are u?

Nir: All good back home after a long tour chilling.

DeTune: Lets stat with asking how old are u? Where are u from and how long have u been in this music scene for?

Nir: I am 29 years old originally from Jerusalem, living in Tel Aviv Israel.
Since I remember I love music, when I was a teenager I was a singer in a couple of metal bands here in Israel. In 1992 I went to an "acid party" with my friends and got hooked on the music. After a trip to India in 95/96 I decided I wanted to be a DJ. In 97 I started a project with Assaf Dor called Gorlation Corporation; we released tracks in many labels and broke up in 2000. Since them I am working as Hujaboy, Boo-reka and E-jekt.

DeTune: About the Hujaboy project, you have been working on this project for some time I believe, how did this beginning and how would u describe your sound?

Nir: Well when I started Hujaboy I really wanted to explore the tech-trance crossover so my focus was on making atmospheric music with low bpm and slow build-ups and the main aim was the groove, this was my first album at Hommega productions "Hujajoy" in 2002. Afer that I tried to make an album that leans more on techno that result was "BOO reka-Corrupt data factory". After this album I felt I have nothing more to say in this genre and I decided to turn to more psychedelic sound. So in my second Hujaboy album "Sonic tonic" I turned to night time psy trance and also upgraded my production.

DeTune: And where do some of your influences for this sound come from, what are some of the artists you are listening to at the moment?

Nir: Influence can come from any kind of music rock, pop, electro, big beat, break beat etc... My favourite trance artists these days are Domestic and Xerox and Illumination.

DeTune: Many of your tracks are well known around the world and on very respective labels, can you tell us about some of the most important releases for you so far and some we can look forward to hearing in the future?

Nir: Well recently I moved to Spun records so my best releases as Hujaboy are through that label. There's "Defractal" and "Magnetism" released on spun latest compilations. And on Sirius records from Japan there are a few upcoming releases watch out!! I started working on my next Hujaboy album for Spun records but there’s no release date yet because I just began working on it.

DeTune: Let’s talk a little bit about the Ejekt project, Ejekt is yourself and Uri Azene can you tell us a bit about how you guys first met and got this project started?

Nir: Uri and myself are both originally from Jerusalem. He was the first trance DJ in Jerusalem in 92-94. And since then working as a high end post production sound engineer, about 2.5 years ago we met and said we give it a shot and try and make something. The result was 2 tracks on my album Sonic tonic and about 8 releases in great labels such as TIP Sirius and Hommega. So we made an album called "Dark fader" this album will be released in July 21 and a world tour will follow along with tracks on various compilations.

DeTune: And have you done much other work with any other artists in the past?

Nir: I worked with Sub 6, Domestic and n the e-jekt album we have collaborated with PTX, Power source, and Suntree.

DeTune: Great, so with such a good response to Hujaboy and now with things taking off with Ejekt your sound is being heard by people all over the world, where are some countries your music has taken you?

Nir: Japan, USA, Hungary, Brazil, Mexico, Denmark, Greece, Belgium, England, Russia, Portugal, Argentina, India, Swiss, that’s all I can remember for now.

DeTune: I’m sure you’re a very busy person with everything happening at the moment especially with the world festival circuit about to begin. Where can we expect to catch you playing in the near future?

Nir: Israel: July 21 E-jekt Dark fader release party at Vox Tel Aviv.
July 22 Hujaboy-Black and white release party outdoor.
August 5 E-jekt Launch Live and Hujaboy DJ set Ultrasound red room Yagur. Swiss July 30 Hujaboy live and DJ Atmosphere festival.
Belgium August 13 Hujaboy dj set Dance a Delic festival.
Portugal August 17 Hujaboy Live Freedom festival.
Japan August 20-21 Hujaboy live and E-jekt live Sirius records outdoor event. More TBA on www.hujaboy.com and www.e-jekt.com

DeTune: Well as we wrap things is there anything you would like to say or do you have any thank-you’s to people who may have helped you get to where you are today?

Nir: There are just too many people to thank so I will just say a lot of love to everyone who helped along the way u know who u are!! I'd like to give a word to the new upcoming artists, Don’t try to imitate others make your own sound its the only way!!!

DeTune: Thanks a lot Nir, Cheers.

Nir: Was a pleasure!!

DeTune: Interview by Shannon (Detune)