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Tribal Vision - VA- Street Art

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 8th Jan 2006

Tribal Vision - VA- Street Art

Tribal Vision continue their theme they first explored in the release “Lime Light” with their new compilation Street Art- judging by their release schedule for the next year, this is a direction that will become prominent with the label. Perhaps their most intelligent release yet commercially- this release hits on the head the style of progressive that is sweeping the world today. If names like Minilogue, D-Nox & Beckers, Vibraphere (Jaia Rmx), Absolut vs Greed, Flowjob and San vs Sebastian Moore are up your ally, this could quite possible be an early contender for compilation of the year.

Electro-house definitely shines its face through on this one- it’s definitely the craze, and I don’t doubt that this release hits the style on the head- both Slater and Schwa represent this sound fully in their dj sets. I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of the electro sound (I like it, just not as much as everyone else seems to lately!), but with this release, Tribal Vision have managed to deliver something that I listen to on a daily basis- its definitely got a lot of appeal for both the dancefloor and home listening.

The compilation opens strongly with Absolut vs Greed- 2 names that really cant be argued with at the moment in the world of progressive. “The other side” is a strong, percussive house track with a nice deep bassline and some playful melodies over the top. A very nice pairing- great opener. Rai follows it up with a flowing electro groover “Let’s Dance”. Lots of twinkle and sparkle, a bit of vocals, and of course that 80’s bassline! Maybe a bit too soft for me this one, its no doubt a tidy track and fits well onto the compilation. Look forward to hearing his debut album on tribal vision later this year.

D-Nox and Beckers continue their strong showing with the infectious “Jet Lag Slave”. Nice bubbly bassline and tekky influences, definitely the best D-Nox and Beckers for me for a while. Deep and groovy, its getting a big showing worldwide right now. Next up is the highlight of the compilation for me- Minilogue’s “Spam”. The best electro track I know- honestly, it hasn’t left my head since I first got the CD. Cant wait for RSF- Minilogue on Monday is about as big of a treat as Son Kite on the main. Well done to tribal vision for getting this one- I’d buy the whole compilation just for this one.

Following it up is young Israeli producer Sonify’s “Sonifunk”. This guy definitely has an eclectic, different sound that is resoundingly his own- and this track is probably the best one I’ve heard from him yet. Dubby textures and a big groovy bassline over a big tribalish undertone. Sweet stuff, a really promising act for the future, nice to see someone making some original sounding music! San vs Sebastian Moore is another name to watch for- San plays massive gigs to 15 000 people every weekend, supporting guys like digweed and sasha- his productions are top notch and have been featured in many big name djs sets worldwide. The track “Inteceptor” is a mainroom groover with a nice tribal kind of undertone to the bottom end… Good to see Tribal Vision pick up some stuff by him, he’s definitely go a powerful sound.

I’ve already written a review on the cloud buster EP this month- so I wont say much more than fantastic track- great remix, really going to kill dancefloors globally... Don’t believe me? Listen. Flowjob are another act from yesteryear we haven’t hear a lot out of lately… Well, the good news is, their album is ready (and its really tasty!)- here is a little taster with “Life Extensions”. Same flowing style- these guys were one of the first acts I heard use the big electro influence into progtrance- their time is now!

Closing the compilation is the tasty remix of the classic Vibrapshere track “Manzilla” by Jaia. Fiction really put Jaia on the map again this year, and this track to me is a lot better than the ones on that cd. Great reworking of the track- its one that has brought a tear to my eye before, and it was definitely nice hearing it when DJ Banel played it recently at the Solstice festival in Cairns. Great closer to the cd (Sob, Sob!).

All in all, this is probably the best compilation release yet from tribal vision- it’s a great listener, will suit those who just want something to listen to in the afternoon at home too. It will definitely do them well commercially- I can see it breaking them into a different market and with the artists its got on board- I don’t think that Tribal Vision can really be argued with on this one. The best cover art yet from Quapim too- again a tidy package from one of progressive’s biggest movers. Well done to the 2 michaels!