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Bamboo Forest (MP Records, France)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 10th Jan 2006

Bamboo Forest (MP Records, France)

Hey mate, how are you? Tell me a bit about yourself… Who is Bamboo Forest? Where do you live? And How old are you?

My name is Stephane, I’m 37 years old and I live near paris.

Bamboo Forest have been around for a long time now… You have undergone many evolutions and changes to arrive at where you are today- please tell me a bit about how Bamboo Forest started and how it arrived to where it is at today?

I started bamboo forest in 1995. Yann join me three years after but he decided to take care of his family one year and a half ago. Now I continue the project alone and I want to make another project, a bit more progressive.

So which labels are you most involved with today? You have a new album just in shops… Tell me a bit about that? How has the Bamboo Forest sound evolved?

I made this new album few months ago, but I'm not happy with the sound of it.
Also the mastering could be much better but it's going to be for the next one for sure. The live show is what to watch!

What other releases have you got coming soon? Have you collaborated with any artists lately?

I got three new tracks, they going be released soon on compilations.

Which artists inspire you musically? Who do you think is making amazing music in the world right now? What about outside trance, is there any other styles you are really into?

My first passion was jazz, I studied harmony and composition. But now I'm making only electronic music, there's no one special artist who inspires me. The music in general does!

What does your studio consist of? Do you use any hardware, or are you part of the software revolution that is sweeping the world these days?

Yes, I got a lot of analog synths and some virtual ones. Also I use tube gear to warm the sound and I closely follow the evolution. But I still think a real synth sounds better than plug-ins!

Are you looking forward to your visit to Australia? What have you heard about the Rainbow Serpent Festival? What can crowds expect from your set there?

I heard there's a lot of travelers there- some people say it's the best trance festival in the world! so...

Is there anything else you’d like to do while you’re here? Anything else you’d like to see or do? How long will you stay for?

I can stay only 5 days around cause I got a lot of work at home. (i'm making a new studio with a good acoustic!)

Any last words to the Aussie people before we wrap this up?

We gonna have fun, for sure!

Cheers mate, looking forward to hearing you on the dancefloor in a few weeks!

Interview with Stephane from BF by Jesse Kuch

MP Records (Bamboo Forest’s Label) Homepage