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Tetrameth (Zenon Records, Australia)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 23rd Jun 2005

Tetrameth (Zenon Records, Australia)

JK: Hey Pete…

Tetrameth: Hey!

JK : Now I don’t think I need to ask if you enjoyed Cairns… I was chilling with you up here, and you were on the buzz… Tell us a few memories of your first trip up here... “Pressure Optimal” in Cairns was your first set outside of Melbourne wasn’t it? What was the reaction like?

Tetrameth: Spectacular dude, I couldn’t have asked for more. The people, the party, the tunes…… Fuck yes!

JK: Your music has an amazingly fresh sound man. A level of musicality not seen in a lot of trance these days… Tell us about your musical background? Your in a couple of bands too yer?

Tetrameth: I’ve been studying music most of my life. After graduating at the “Conservatorium of Music” studying mostly jazz/fusion, I ended up playing guitar in several bands before finally hooking up with some muso’s in Byron Bay & we formed the band “Seven” in ’97-98’.

JK: When did you first discover trance music? Who made an early impact on you in psytrance?

Tetrameth: About the same time I guess,I’d have to say Cosmosis-There 1st album. Early Atmos, Space Tribe & Ollie Wisdom was some of the earliest stuff I can remember getting into.

JK: Your bro James is cutting sick now as Shadow FX as well… Did u guys start making trance together?

Tetrameth: I introduced him to it years ago, and he was super prompt about getting his own set up, and got strait into it. I was working with bands, etc and was only able to co-pilot (so to speak) till my own set up was viable. So he’s got a year or 2 ahead of me in production skills (cheeky swine ha, ha!).

JK: You got an album in the pipeline on Zenon Records. Can you tell the people out there who haven’t heard your sound (you’ve only got one release at the moment) what to expect?

Tetrameth: I like to think of my style “Technical Progressive.” A rumbling wooden progressive under sound, with a strong layer of technical musicality that can keep a dance floor crackin’, yet still entertain the most educated & open minded of musicians. The idea of psy trance (I believe) is to engage the listener on a level that is just a stimulant for a good time and a damn good stomp (though these are crucial factors.) I believe psy trance un-like many other styles of music is a “cognition of thought”, an Instigator of ideas. And this is what I want Tetrameth to represent.

JK: I’ve seen one of your tunes is about to be released on New Zealand based label Cosmic Conspiracy… Any other compilation releases in the pipeline?

Tetrameth: A north coast compilation is happening later this year with Sun Control, Sensient, Shadow Fx, Lost Keys & a couple of others.

JK: Who are your favourite artists within the trance industry at the moment?

Tetrameth: I played the “Peoples Party” on the North Coast, and I’d have to say “Lost Keys”(from north coast). He’s a fresh face to the scene, and he’s got fresh tracks to back that shit up. Very tasty, check him out.

JK: What about not in trance? Any outside influences on you musically?

Tetrameth: Oh shit yeah,where do I start. Tool, Mr Bungle, Mike Patton, Frank Zappa…I also try to draw a lot of inspiration from other forms of art-Alex Grey, Bill Hicks & Terence Mckeena are an enormous influence on both my music and my life/life style.

JK: What is in your studio setup? What would you recommend to anyone wanted to start producing professional level trance music?

Tetrameth: “The Access Virus” No doubt about it dude, it’s the toughest sounding hardware synth since Stevie Wonder 1st released “Superstiton”. If you’re writing psy trance and Haven’t one of those is a mighty good head start.

JK: Where do you hope to go with the Tetrameth project, it must be hard being involved in so many musical ventures? Do you see it as a main career path, or is more like a side-project?

Tetrameth: Hell no, I see as one of my many career paths. I’ve had heaps of musical projects. But this one has become a beast of its own, on its own. An un-ignorable entity I must persue. And that has definitely created that “cognition of thought” for me.

JK: Got any gigs coming up bro? Any travel planned? Can we expect you up north anytime soon?

Tetrameth: Hopefully for Audiogasm, I think that’s the plan.

JK: Any thank-yous bro, or people who have made an impact on you? Any last words?

Tetrameth: Can’t get back to the land of the snake gun and the beautiful unocin of“Whittika”

JK: Thanks bro, champion. Catchya in the woodlands somewhere…