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Mist (Acidance, USA)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 17th Nov 2005

Mist (Acidance, USA)

Hey bro, what’s up?

Hello, Jesse. Not too much. Just returning from a great time in Mexico, and trying to readjust to the mundane world. Hehehehe.

So tell me a little about yourself… Where do you live, how old are you, and when did you first come in contact with trance music?

Well, I am old enough to know better, and young enough not to care. Hehehe. I am about to turn 30 (next March), and I am currently living in a grand little city called Dallas, Texas, which can be found smack in the middle of Bush-Country (aka the United States). It is actually here in Dallas, of all the unlikely places, that I first discovered goa trance back in 1998. Maybe a little bit before then, if you include old old Platipus releases. Before 1998, a few years of progressive trance and acid techno, while searching for the sound of electronic music I was truly looking for, the sound that resonated within my soul…

Acidance is quite a long standing psytrance label. Can you tell me a little about its beginnings and why it came to be?

Acidance was originally founded in Athens, Greece, in1999, by two crazy wankers named Chris and Sam. They were inspired by the music itself, and wanted to contribute something to the global scene, to help lead psy away from the progressive slant it was taking at that point in time. The first release came in 2001, with the first album from Russian killers Parasense.

So what’s changed since then? Where is Acidance at these days?

Well, as you may know, the label took a little break, and was not releasing so much material. Since then, at the end of last year, some new team members have been added, myself included. We all work together with Chris and Sam to really propel Acidance into a completely new era. We are expanding our “traditional” sound, and pursuing a highly aggressive release schedule. The label is putting out more CDs on a more regular basis then it ever has in the past; one or more every month from now until at least the middle of next year. So, you can see, it is a lot of work for us, but at the same time is quite enjoyable.

You’ve released albums from Parasense, Neuromotor, Digital Talk, Psyside, Earthling etc etc… Which other artists form part of the Acidance pool? Any new artists we should know about?

Part of our new focus at this point in time is to really focus on artists albums, as opposed to compilations, so we’ve really actively been seeking out more artists for the label. In addition to new albums from classic Acidance artists like Neuromotor, Parasense, and Digital Talk, we also have Dissociactive, a new group from Russia whose debut album we just released. It is really quite good, and I’m not just saying that because we released it. I would highly recommend everyone check it out. Also in the pipeline we have the debut album from Fungus Funk, the debut album from Talk Sick (who used to be know as Toxic), the debut release from Phatmatix, and a new album from Hyper Frequencies. There are some others too, that I would love to tell you about, but I must be hush-hush until the ink on the paperwork dries, as they say.

Also, never forget that we have Mr. Mark Xenomorph on our team as well. The man is practically the father of all this “dark” trance movement we are currently seeing.

You just compiled “Dirty South”… Can you tell me a bit about this? Why pick the artists you did? What sound where you looking for when putting together the compilation?

Ah, yes, that was a good experience. It was my first compilation to put together, and my first major interaction within the music industry from the label-side perspective, so it was definitely a learning experience. Definitely quite a bit of fun, too. It was nice to be able to work with quite a few of the artists that I’ve admired for quite a while from the other side of the road. Killer guys like Damage, Azax Syndrom, and the Talk Sick boys. It was also a pleasure to discover “new” projects, and get their music out into the world. Mubali. Abomination. Claw and Paranoize. Very bright futures for these guys, in my opinion.

My tastes in psy trance vary a bit when it comes down to all of the petty little sub-genrefications we subject our music too. As long as it’s good quality, that’s what really matters to me. All in all, I prefer a more aggressive nature to my music. Music must have balls, in a sense. This I guess is an influence from my metal side. So, I worked the track listing for Dirty South the same way I would approach any musical project, with the attitude that if it makes me dance like a madman then it will do well for other people, too. Heehehe. Of course, I also test the tracks in a party setting, as well.

So what’s next for Acidance? When and what is the next release? Anything else in store?

I must mention again the Dissociactive album, Blockout. It’s available in stores now, and is some refreshing and powerful trance music. Next will be the new album from Neuromotor, Bloody Reality, which will be available later this month; followed by two more compilations. First will be A Violent Reaction, which is a special concept comp that I’ve been compiling with Sam, and then Spirit Speak, which is Wizard’s baby. We will also be putting out some remix CDs, based on the work of some of the “old school” Acidance artists. This, of course, in addition to the other artist albums I’ve already mentioned a few questions ago. ;)

Tell me a bit about artists that you like or inspire you? Who are your favourites right now? What do you have in the stereo at home?

Wow. What a loaded question! Hehehe. Life itself is an inspiration. I try to take something away from each experience I have, whether the situation itself is positive or negative. Artists that inspire me; they would probably be the same as my favourites. At the moment, I would have to say I’m really into Damage. The work Deon has been coming out with recently is really tight. It’s a new direction. I’ve always been inspired by Absolum and CPU and the 3D Vision label. I like the stuff that Ian and Timecode come out with as well. And of course the ever polished work of Azax Syndrom. I was always a big Acidance fan, too, which is one of the many many reasons it’s so nice to be a be a part of the team now.

Right now, I’ve been listening to the new Neuromotor album a lot. A comp called Desert Encounters, which is the upcoming first release on a new label called Mass Abduction, has been getting a good deal of play. The Dissociactive album is still a favorite listen. Digital Talk’s compilation on Timecode… And, of course, the tracks from A Violent Reaction.

Do you listen to much stuff outside trance music? If so, what? What other sounds other than trance do you admire?

Yes, I listen to quite a bit outside of trance music. Without outside influence, I think that the genre would become a bit stale. Primarily though, beside psy, I listen to quite a bit of metal. Groups like Ill Nino, A Dozen Furies, Static X, American Head Charge, Otep, Deftones… Again, music with balls. Though, believe it or not, The Cure is probably my favourite group of all time.

Do you travel a lot as a DJ? If so, where have you been so far? Whats your favourite place? What about the best party you’ve played?

Heheheh. I travel as a DJ about 1% as much as I’d like to. I’ve played around the States a bit, but not so much outside. I did have the pleasure of playing at a club in Mexico recently, and would really like to get back there soon. Well, I would just like to travel more in general. Hehehe. I’m still at the beginning of my career, I think, even after all these years. Now I am getting more exposure, whereas before I was just a psy trance DJ from Texas. So, I look forward to the future with eager eyes.

Each party and each city I’ve been to has been such a wonderful experience, I think it would be a bit difficult, if not unfair, to single one out as being the “best” or “favourite”. Boston has always treated me well, and Mexico blew my mind away, so those 2 definitely are up there….

Have you heard much Australian night music man? There is quite a bit of good stuff coming out from down here right now… Any specifically you like?

I have not heard as much of it as I would like to. I’m familiar with the standards – Demon Tea, Green Ant, Digial Psionics, Fractal Glider, Mr. Peculiar, etc. I am definitely a fan of Benza, too. But, on the whole, I’d like to hear more. Especially Hefty Output! I keep hearing good things about these guys, but have yet to hear a track from them. (Send me music, Tim!)

Is there a life outside trance music for you? Do you have a day-job or does Acidance take most of your time? What kind of hobbies or interests do you have outside of trance music?

My life is pretty non-stop. I do still have a full time day job, so I can pay the bills and keep my wife happy. Heheheh. Acidance does take up a lot of my time outside of the day job, too, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Not a lot of time for games, or TV, or anything. I would prefer to read anyway. When not working in the garden or around the house, I spend a lot of time in the studio, working on my production or practicing DJing. Spending time drinking beer with friends, or relaxing with the wife is something I also try to make time for. Life can’t be all work. Not that psy trance is work. It takes up a good deal of my time, but in an enjoyable way. I guess when I stop enjoying it as much as I do, then it will be work. And then it will be time to quit, because there is no point in doing this if it’s not fun for you. Fun is all it’s about for me.

Any last words, thanks or people you want to mention?

Enjoy life. Be kind to everyone. If you have a dream, go for it.

Cheers bro, looking forward to the next Acidance release- keep it tight… : )

Thanks, man. Nice chatting with you. I hope to see you Down Under, soon. ;)