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Tsekas (Moonflower Productions, Sweden)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 18th Jul 2005

Tsekas (Moonflower Productions, Sweden)

Hey mate, what’s happening?

Fine mate, thanks!

Tell me first a bit about yourself. How old are you, where do you live and what do you do for a living?

I’m 26 years old. Before I just made my living on organizing parties.
Now I running the label moonflower productions and work also for my family's company.

Tell me a bit about your involvement with Moonflower Productions. How did it begin?

I'm running the label together with Tony Comanti. We have been using the name “Moonflower” as a party organization since 1998. Our parties were the most visited and successful in Sweden for a long time. Artists as X-Dream, GMS,
Son Kite, Etnica, Kox Box, The Delta, Wizzy Noise + many more played for us.
In summer 2003 we took a step further and made Moonflower into a label also.

The label’s man direction is tek and progressive trance. While the last couple of releases have been more in the tek direction, the latest up-and-coming release “Grand Avenue” seems to be more progressive. You play both styles don’t you? Tell me a bit about the direction of this latest release…

Yes I play both styles depending the party and time I playing.
The upcoming VA release has more progressive direction for sure.
It goes from psy-progressive to progressive house, including top artists
From the scene as Son Kite, Ticon, Tegma, Human Blue.

So which artists are involved with Moonflower? Any exclusive label artists? What projects can we expect in the near future after Grand Avenue?

As you can see in our previous releases we have sign many artists, but the most involved at the moment are TRIAC and TEGMA. After Grand Avenue we are releasing the Triac debut album.

Tell me a bit about the trance scene in Sweden… Are there many outdoor gigs, or is it mainly indoors?

Sweden as a cold country, there is mainly indoors. In summer times there are many forest parties. The scene in Sweden is small if you compare with other countries is Europe.

Have you had a chance to play much outside of Sweden? Where have you been? What was your favourite place to visit?

I mostly played in Scandinavia and Greece. My favourite place is of course Greece because it’s my home country. I moved to Sweden as a child. (hehe)

What’s your most memorable moment in your career so far? What is best party you have played at?

I organized the biggest indoor event ever in Sweden last year called “Biogate”. With X-Dream, Gms, Kox Box, Tegma, Dj Anti + more. It’s my most memorable party I played I think.

Tell me a bit about your personal taste in music… Who are your favourite artists right now? Are there any new artists coming through that are making an impact on you lately?

My music taste is very large, I listening much on progressive house/trance, techno, tech-trance, electro. My favourite artists in the psy scene are X-Dream/The Delta/MidiMiliz, Son kite, Ticon, Atmos, Tegma, Triac, Eat Static, Juno Reactor, Kox Box plus too many others to mention

Progressive seems to be branching out quite a bit, taking in new styles and becoming more genre-defying. Where do you think the sound that is progressive is headed? Where does Moonflower fit into this? Where do you hope the label to be in the future?

I hope moonflower will be a respected label with many quality releases.

Have you heard many Australian artists? Who did you like? Have you heard much about our scene down here?

Artists from Australia I heard mostly Kasey Taylor, Infusion, Antix, Freq.
About your scene down there I’ve heard a lot about the bush parties and
some festivals.

What kinda stuff do you get up to when you’re not involved with trance music? Any hobbies, things that keep you busy in your spare time (if you got any?)?

Watching football, training, party, and sleeping very much!

Cheers mate, good luck with Grand Avenue and the other up-and-coming releases!

Interview by Jesse Kuch