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Domo Records - VA - G-Spot compiled by Huda-G

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 28th Mar 2006

Domo Records - VA - G-Spot compiled by Huda-G

“G-Spot” compiled for Huda-G is Domo Records kick-off for the year- as a label they have been working very hard to make their mark, and running of the successes of last years releases- 2006 looks to be a very big year for Domo. Its very interesting watching the Israeli progressive scene unfold in the way it has lately- G-Spot definitely reinforce this.

Huda-G is one of Israel’s most in demand progressive DJs- his style is energetic, powerful progressive music with plenty of dancefloor appeal- at the forefront of the Israeli DJ scene he plays clubs and parties all over Israel every weekend.. G-Spot features artists like Aussie favourite Sun Control Species alongside Side-A, Morax, V-Tunes, Liquid Soul and Yotopia- assuring fans of more upbeat progressive are well catered for.

V-Tunes open the compilation with quite possibly the best tune yet- an instant highlight! A little bit more heavy than some of the V-Tunes stuff released lately- it wets my appetite for the new album coming soon (also on Domo). Percussive, deep, a little bit tribal- all the ingredients for a good track in my books! Reminds me a little bit of Insane Creation album- what do they put in Domo water?

Yotopia continue their run of nice ones with “Zoi”- these guys have established them as one of the most solid progressive acts in the world with their characteristic sound and massive production. Very groovy kind of feel to this one- a little bit lighter perhaps than some of the other stuff they have released lately. Playful melodic work, nice fun music for the daytime.

Next up is “Personal Visit” by Natural Flow vs Chromosome. Getting very melodic with this one- perhaps it was to be expected from this pairing though. Rolling sort of bass with lots of sweeping synths and melody work… Nice I guess if you like this kind of thing, but it wasn’t up my alley so much, taste wise.

While I might sound like a “melody hater” from my comment, I think done tastefully it can be done fantastically. Side-A’s “Alter Ego” is a perfect example of this- powerful, emotional and driving, with intelligent melody work- not too much overdone, just enough to give a great epic feel. I’ve been playing this one for a while and I must say it works a treat on the floor, one of my favourite of Oliver’s tracks for sure!

Liquid Soul seem to be doing quite well for themselves lately- “Colours” is them at their pounding best. Pretty strait forward in its approach, but I think dropped at the right time, that’s exactly what the dancefloor needs. Thundering bass covered by some grindy leads and heaps of drive. Tidy Stuff.

The jury is a bit out on the next Sonnenvakuum track “Rejected”- upbeat kinda electroish influence with a rolling bassline, disco-progressive? I can see how it could work- but again not really in my taste.

Aussie favourite Sun Control Species takes the comp right back into smasher territory with “Interactive”. I heard this track a lot last year on the dancefloor- I must say it was one of my favourite tracks of 2005. It’s great to see Drew getting some more exposure overseas, in my opinion he deserves a lot more recognition than he gets there. Hopefully with the release of a few new tracks like this on the international market will do good things for him. This is SCS at his best- Driving, emotional and atmospheric- with a hint of a spiritual touch (amazing chanting vocal sample- its imprinted in my memory), massive production and just damn good trance music. Highlight of the compilation for sure- Epic.

Aerospace is another artist from Israel getting a lot of comments lately, his remix of BLT and DJ Nadi’s Space Boogie further explores themes from his recent album. Interesting sound, nice groovy kind of bassline- reminds me a little of Yotopia even. Definitely solid, fans of the Israeli sound will no doubt dig.

Closing the comp is Morax- maybe some of you know him as one half of the tech-trance act Triac. Morax is his proggier side- he’s had a good couple of releases lately- but I reckon this is his best work yet without a doubt. Nice production with an upbeat tribalish kinda beat. Nice track to close up a comp that stuck very well to a theme.

While I didn’t like all the tracks- G-Spot definitely kept its consistency in sound- I wouldn’t say any track is bad- just a couple that weren’t so up my alley taste wise. I can get a good idea of Huda’s style, and I think this compilation will have a wide appeal to a broad range of people. Nice to see a think coverbook too- strange cover art though! All in all- a good package- Domo start their year solidly.