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Taku (Owner of Groove Zone)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 15th Jun 2005

Taku (Owner of Groove Zone)

Hey Taku, how are you going man?


So tell me a bit about how Groove Zone got its beginning. It’s the first progressive label in Japan?

Well I had been infected with this music for some years from friends (you know who you are) that has influenced me over the years. And soon I realized that I was close to graduation and needed to find a job, but I felt that taking the ordinary road in some corporation would not be the case for me, so I decided to start and run a label. I knew I had the knowledge in this music and the business aspects that I learned in Uni, along with communication via English. As for Groove Zone being the first progressive psi label from Japan, it might be true, but there are various progressive party organizers that had influenced me over the years…

What do you see as Groove Zone’s label direction? Where is it heading?

I really can’t say…we will have to see (smiles)

The past groove zone releases (VA-groove zone, VA-back to the future and VA-Magnetic Storm) have all been good sellers. Can you tell us a bit about the future with regard to releases at Groove Zone?

There is a compilation called AEROCRUZ coming out this summer very soon…and a compilation compiled by Side- A or another compilation in the style of sexy pumping prog house will be followed…oh and the groove zone website will be renewed shortly, so please check that out as well !!

I understand you guys are involved with some sort of Sub-label now, Aqua Recordings. What’s the relationship with Groove Zone and what is the direction with that one?

It’s an affiliated label of Groove Zone, concentrating more towards the “straight” progressive market. The first release from Aqua is going to be the Double disk(Mix & Unmix) album of OMB, one of the big names to watch out for in the future of progressive house from Japan… He had released an album 3 years ago but unfortunately due to the lack of international distribution, this album never made it to the international scene. After releases from known prog. house labels like, Audio Therapy, 3 Beat, and Silver Planet I can say with confidence that this album will catch the attention of many searching for sounds that has developed in the hearts of Tokyo, city in which trance music is the major dance music genre, as his sound can be described as being “trancy” progressive house

Following this release will be the double disk cd from DJ SO, a young Japanese Dj who played at this year`s Rainbow Serpent and booked to this year`s VOOV Festival. This should be out in the winter !!

How is it being a progressive label in the scene in Japan? I imagine there wouldn’t be as much progressive as there is full-on?

For sure… psychedelic full on trance is taking Japan by storm… its…very interesting….but I feel more and more people who have matured out of the “full on” style are starting to recognize what progressive music is about

Which artists are on the Groove Zone roster permanently? Who are some artists you are going to be working with in the future?

Side-A, Natural Flow(aka Rumble Pack), are 2 primary artists that are on the roster for now. The reason they are on the roster is because I have confidence in what they can do in the future with Groove Zone.

Have you played much overseas? Where? When? Any highlights?

No, I am a label manager for now…Although someday id like to experience playing overseas… but, it`s not my priority

You guys have got some down-under connections, with Fine Diner being a Groove Zone artist. Have you been down to Aus before? If not any plans to?

Yes I have… I have travelled to Byron Bay, and went to the Outback Eclipse Festival in 02` in which I had to hitch my way to Lyndhurst 1 hour before the Total Eclipse. It was definitely an experience I will remember for the rest of my life…

Who are your favourite artists in the scene right now? Who do you think will make big waves in the next year?

Ok, Id like to include the Groove Zone artists, but if I were to exclude them, my favourite artists would be Son Kite, Vibrasphere, Ticon, Andre Absolut, Ryan Halifax, Andromeda, FREq, Antix, Lish, Sensient….etc… Artists making big waves?? Maybe Liquid Soul, Sync, V-Tunes, Motion, Rai, Igal M…

Do you think such as mp3 downloads are hurting the psytrance industry a lot now? Or do you think they have simply become a way of life and are accepted into sales figures now?

Well I only have over 1 year of experience in the music business, but I have heard many things about mp3`s killing the actual cd sales over the years… It`s very difficult to go against the evolution of mankind so, hopefully there will be a solution dealing with digital downloading in the future

What do you think of the state of the global trance scene at the moment? Do you think that it’s healthy?

I hope so…

Where would you like to head in the future, both personally and with Groove Zone?
Personally Id like to travel around the world before reaching the 30 plateau… so Ill be working hard to have Groove Zone grown to the level where ill have the ability to make time for it…

Any thank-yous?

Thank you to all the people who have bought the actual cds and supporting the music you love!! Without you people, there would be no Groove Zone…

Thanks man!

Jesse Kuch