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Mindelight Interview

Article posted by raptor on 12th Jul 2004



Mindelight is LOCO?(Javier Calzada) and Eclypso (Hernan Arber), a fresh act with a innovative and unique sound.

1.How did you get into the Psytrance sound?

LOCO?: Well i discovered psytrance after listening to trance, house and dance music in 1997, with i found by looking in the internet for new and faster tunes, i found out about astral projection, so after that i just started discovering psytrance little by little till i went to one of my first open air parties with infected mushroom on 2000 and went totally into it...

Eclypso: My First Open Air Rave in Mexico was in Puebla. Wonderfull  and unforgettable party I Told my self I Wouldn't leave this world until I Could take the people to the state they were at that party!!!
Mindelight started when Loco and Eclypso got together into this  magical and complementing relation at the Studio in Mexico.

2. What psytrance artists do you really get into? Do you find you are influenced by these artists?

LOCO?: artists.. well the ones that have really made me dance are  Deedrah/Synthetic, The Antidote, Cosma, Oforia, Absolum, Protoculture, Astrix, Psysex, Logic Bomb, Quirk, Juno Reactor, Altom, ManWithNoName, Beat Bizarre, Reefer Decree, Nomad, X-Dream and Kox Box... so Yes... i think i become influenced of all of them cuz once you get into their groove and you cant just stop dancing, i just start thinking on new ideas for tracks, so as soon as i get back from the parties i try to get them kind of done in the studio....

Eclypso: Hard Question. I like all of them. every one who tries to express him(her)self through trance earns my listening and  appreciation. I'm inspired by all the Classics: Infected, Astrix,  Psysex, GMS, Sesto Sento, Deedrah, SUB6, and yes. even SKAZI. I Think Void's Punishment is real work of art,
and all The Mexican Trance artists as well.

3. What are the elements you particularly look for when writing  psychedelic trance and why do you feel they are important to your own particular chosen style?

LOCO? n' Eclypso: It Really depends on the mood of the Track. We always look for smiles in peoples faces. Inspiring melodies, Weird and psychedelic sounds, HARMONY, Groove. etc. etc. Merging
other music styles with psytrance is also an Element that really Defines MINDELIGHT.

4. What have you found that never fails to get a crowd dancing?

LOCO? n' Eclypso: Cool Breaks and Uplifts (after some psychedelic sound effects).  Wacky Climaxes and well placed silences in the tracks. most of all, a powerfull and groovy Kick & Base Line. A Mysterious and Magical intro always gets a good trance lover in the mood =)

5. What is the most memorable gig you have played at?

LOCO?: i think i relly had a great experience playing at the Sealight Party In Acapulco Beach in Mexico, it was just the perfect time for the music, great soundsystem, the sun, the sea... everyone started dancing
like crazy and you know, all this nice girls smiling and dancing to your music, just amazing =P

Eclypso: Man that's a hard one! I Think the Goa Sounds festival in Mexico City, although the Earthdance and Sealight are  always forever with me. not to mention the Debut on "Le Jardin"  and Son Pax Cancun. Great moments!

6. What do you think of the scene in Mexico ?

LOCO? n' Eclypso: The scene in Mexico is Very young and yet already Very strong. Psychedelic trance in Mexico is a phenomenon that is really hard to describe in words, Mexican crowd is a very devoted one and you'll always find loving people to cheer you up. even with all the  catastrophes we have to face due sometimes to inexperienced and confused participants (organizers and attendants).

7. What has been the reaction to the material you've released?

LOCO? n' Eclypso: Well, we have read a few words on psy forums over the net and they seem Pretty good so far, can't complain. =P

8. You have released single tracks on a few compliations now,  so what does the future hold for you ? any plans for a album ?

LOCO? n' Eclypso: The Album is our long life dream, but we can't release the album until we are certain of what we want to put out there, and we make sure that all our best goes into the disk.

9. What can Sydney expect from your performance?

LOCO? n' Eclypso: Madness, Screams, lot of Dancing and smiles all around. Special and Original music for your mind's delight. =)


MINDELIGHT plays alongside DJ DIMITRI @ SCIENCE OF SOUND - JULY 30TH - SYDNEY - for more info CLICK ON http://www.australiens.net/sos