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Cosmic Conspiracy Records - Contact Lens

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 19th Sep 2005

Cosmic Conspiracy Records - Contact Lens

A couple of years ago, you would have though minimal trance was all but dead, with very few releases in this genre and many artists famous for this sound moving to in more progressive directions. In the past 2 years however, minimal trance has seen resurgence with labels like Zenon, Sinn-Tek and Cosmic Conspiracy all keeping the torch alight. Compiled by New Zealand’s Wizdumb and Australia’s own Ozone, “Contact Lens” by Cosmic Conspiracy is the latest excursion into this genre, and a tasty one it is… Deep, crunchy minimal with an experimental edge, artists like Sensient, Minimal Criminal, Psypox, Alfredo Garcia and Tetrameth vs Shadow FX might help you understand what this compilation is like… Broody trance that forces the body to move, Cosmic Conspiracy have created a compilation that is both unique and highly workable- something that is hard in a more experimental genre such as this one.


1. Sensient – Lipofuct: The compilation opens with Sensient, and this track is another reason he is perhaps the biggest name in this genre right now. Deep, extremely minimal with a tekky edge, Lipofuct has the quirky edge of some of his early releases, reminds me a little of “Blue Nevus” stuff… Wicked track that should form the part of many a DJ’s sets from now on…

2. “Eulenschrei” by Brazil’s Minimal Criminal is next, continuing into even deeper territory than the first track. These guys are definitely one of the rising stars in the minimal genre, with intelligent and quirky tracks, tribal percussion and huuuge bottom end. One of the better tracks I’ve heard from these boys and with upcoming releases on the next Cosmic Conspiracy compilation (“The Lurker”) and Echo Records from Brazil, these boys are ones to watch!

3. DJRuth’s “Rat’s in a Maze” continues the deep delivery, with crunchy, tekky percussion and a whomping bassline. Crunchiness is the key with this track, DJRuth’s (Also known as Meeloo) production has definitely moved up a notch lately. Solid work.

4. Psypox is another artist that has popped up from the blue doing great things. The infectious “Nasty in the Pasty” is their offering on this compilation, a groovy number with bouncy rhythms and crazy psychedelic atmospheres. I could imagine this track at both morning and night, and I can’t wait to hear more from these guys.

5. Visua from Mexico are next with “Attractor”. The compilation starts to get a bit groovier and more morning oriented, this track has a nice funky bass and tight production. Crisp and clean with nice atmospheres and sounds. I could imagine this one being played while the sun’s rays are shining on a nice Sunday morning somewhere…

6. Alfredo Garcia’s “Watch Me” is next. I’m a bit fan of Alfredo’s production and really loved his releases on the earlier Cosmic Conspiracy compilation and Savva Records. A bit of a different style than these, heaps funkier with disco influences. Must say I prefer the other stuff he’s released, but definitely not a bad track by any means.

7. Minimal Criminal get a second showing with the “Disco Shit Live Remix” and this one again proves what a name to watch they are. Groovy and deep with big funky horns and the tribal feel minimal criminal are fast becoming famous for. One of the highlights of the compilation, lovely work.

8. Australia’s new rising stars Shadow FX and Tetrameth are up next with “Escape Sequence”. Brothers James and Pete Hayes are behind these projects (respectively) and I really think they will be one of the new big things in the progressive scene. Music that defies regular conventions, totally random percussion that reminds me a lot of a live band rather than an electronic act. A great mix of minimal, progressive and psytrance that shows the depth of talent arising from Australia. The standout track of the compilation for me.

9. Australia’s Ozone Vs Sgt Dan are next with the deep and groovy “Danoz Direct”. The bass frequency of this track is almost so low it cant be heard out of conventional speakers, but it sounds so wicked out of a big system its not funny. Quirky and funky with atmospheres and percussive elements. Hope to hear more from these boys in the future.

10. New Zealand’s Cosm close the compilation up with “The Opaque”, prooving the Southern Hemisphere vibe isn’t just coming out of Australia. Bouncy and funky minimal music with a nice psychedelic daytime feel. Interesting basslines and break downs that remind me a little perhaps of Shiva Chandra. Nice work in closing this solid compilation.

Cosmic Conspiracy’s Contact Lens is definitely one of the standout minimal releases of the year. A great mix of up and coming and new artists that push the boundaries in the revitalised minimal genre. Experimental and intelligent, Cosmic Conspiracy continue their quest to please even the most disconcerting minimal lover! Great stuff.