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Sensum (ZMA Records, Sydney)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 10th Jun 2005

Sensum (ZMA Records, Sydney)

JK: Hey man, hows it going?

Sensum: Great mate - how is ya?

JK: So how does it feel to release your first album as Sensum man? ZMA is a big label, you must be pretty stoked?

Sensum: I'm feeling relieved at the moment now its all gone ahead, its been some time getting off the ground. But i must say i am rather chuffed releasing it through ZMA.

JK: What advantage is it being signed to a bigger international label? It must make it a lot easier to get exposure in a place like Australia?

Sensum: I'd say the biggest advantage in being released on a bigger label would have to be that more people tend to be attracted to them, with so many labels popping up theses days, the bigger labels releases seem to be more anticipated, so I guess its good from an exposure point of view. Not just here in Australia tho mind you, but to a worldwide audience as well.

JK: Tell me a bit about the sound of your new album… Its called “Nocturnal Transmissions”… does this mean it has a bit more of a night time feel?

Sensum: Yeah man, you wouldn’t be far off the mark in getting that impression. I try to make my tracks a bit more energetic than the usual proggy stuff, so its not what you would call wind-down music, but i reckon most of the tracks on the album could fit in at anytime during a party. It all depends on the vibe at the time I guess :)

JK: What have the initial reactions to your release been like? Any feedback yet?

Sensum: Like most reactions to most things it has been a mixed bag of emotions. Glad to say tho, its been 9/10ths praise, which has been really encouraging.

JK: Now I know you had the Tantrumz project before this, you’ve been releasing music for a long time… Where and when did u first discover trance music?

Sensum: Yeah mate, Tantrumz was the very first project I started up. I was fortunate to remix tracks by NASA, Namhaj, and Cicero under that name, one of which I played at Full Moon Madness. But my discovery, well more to the point, my liking of trance music bends all the way back to the earlier Noom releases, particularly Noom 6 - Nexus.

JK: How did you get into production? Where did you make your first track?

Sensum: Probably just like most budding producers out there, I was handed a copy of Reason & it just grew from there really. The first track I made was called 'Trip or treat', made at my home on the far south coast. It was really bizarre as well 'cause when it was finished I sent it to a friend I had acquired over in Germany, and not long afterwards it appeared in quite a few top tens in forums all around the place. So a remix was born yet again.

JK: What were some of the early musical influences that helped shape your sound today?

Sensum: Hmm, I'd have to say Morphem (i.e. solar seeds comp. - return to.........) and a lot of his Segment stuff. Another hard night time driver would be Noma (i.e. goons/vacuum)

JK: Now you have the album out id imagine you’d be getting pretty busy…what’s the bookings like for the next while? Got plenty of gigs booked? Compilation releases?

Sensum: Not what one would call 'flat out' with gigs, they are nicely spaced apart. Although I'm always busy in the studio working on music. There will also be another compilation release coming up in the next few months again with ZMA. Also starting a remix project with Phillipe (Sensifeel) which I am really excited about, and also Meltdown will be doing a remix for me so be on the look out for that one.

JK: Any Travel plans or upcoming gigs on the cards?

Sensum: Well, I've got Winter Demon on the 25th June, Psycraft the following weekend on the 2nd July & The Awakening which will be held towards the end of the year during the October long weekend. I'm really looking forward to this gig as I'll be playing along side the likes of Andromeda and Freq. Cant wait for that one, should be a killer 3 days.

JK: Have you travelled much before that with your music? Any gigs outside Australia or anything?

Sensum: Havent done a great deal of travel thus far. The only place outside of Australia i have played, was at the Natraj Temple in Munich back in 2001. It was an awesome gig - spun records both the entire Friday & Saturday nights til dawn with 2 other buddies - one to remember for a while.

JK: What’s it like being an artist from Sydney, is it harder to get gigs (as opposed to say, living in Melbourne?)

Sensum: Its great being an artist in Sydney - its where its all at innit ? Hehe. I find the people at parties here in Sydney like one big happy family, so it makes things real comfy :) As for it being harder to gets gigs down south being Sydney based, I think its not a hard thing as such but just more of a less frequent thing maybe. Time will tell :)

JK: Who would you say are your favourite artists in trance today? Who do you think has the cutting edge sounds?

Sensum: This is a hard question, in the fact that there are so many I would consider as my 'favourites'. But there are artists such as Sub-6, Astrix, and Freq who create those cutting edge sounds I do like so much. I find it hard to have particular favourites tho. Lots of pro's & cons.

JK: What about the Aussie gear? Who’s your favourite Aussie artists?

Sensum: Stand out Aussie artist would have to be Dan - Sol Connection. His track on EPP is phenomenal. Meltdown & Oculus are also producing smooth quality prog stuff which I'm really diggin' at the moment. But I will say there is still alot I am yet to hear, so I'm keen for those moments.

JK: What’s your studio setup like? Are you mainly computer based, or do you use a lot of hardware? Do you do a live show?

Sensum: This is the central nervous system of my creativity, so as you would imagine its highly respected and well looked after. It is mainly computer based (pc), but I couldnt get by without my virus c desktop. A piece of good hardware is eventually essential to have, if one wants to create the above mentioned phat sounds, but alot of my trax do incorporate VST's, primarily the vanguard. All tracks are made using Cubase SX2 rewired with reason, and yes mate, I do have a live act. That is when I crack out Live 4.

JK: Is there anyone in the scene who has really helped you out along your way? Anyone you’d like to give special mention too?

Sensum: Of course :) The biggest mention here would have to go to Hercules for believing in me. It’s been a real buzz working with him, & am looking forward to the next 10 yrs. Nick (Oculus) has been great to me also, along with aDaMT and Lui - those guys are always fully encouraging. The list could go on and on. Also, never forgetting the T-Quest crew who gave me my first gig here in Sydney - those guys rock ! And last but not least, yourself for this interview :)

JK: Cheers bro, good luck with the Album.
Sensum: Thanx champ - catch ya round! Boom !