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Tribal Vision Records - Lime Light CD Review

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 10th Jun 2005

Tribal Vision Records - Lime Light CD Review

Tribal Vision proved themselves a very interesting label with their first release, the compilation Urban Legends. An eclectic mix of many different types of progressive, it had a good mix of established and up-and-coming progressive artists, and it definitely got a good wack in my cd player. Naturally, I was pretty intrigued when I saw the release sheet for their new compilation, Lime Light. With artists like Minilogue, Flowjob, Ticon, Jaia and Vision and Canedy- where could they go wrong?

And hit it on the head they did! Lime Light is one of my favourite progressive releases this year, one of the only cds I’ve found really has got a consistent “vibe” to the album, creating not just 9 individually great tracks but a great album as a whole.

Lime Light sounds as the name suggests- chilled, smooth progressive music with a delicious electro touch. Each track could go equally well outdoors, in a club or just in a stereo at home while you chill on a Sunday afternoon. No track creeps over the 135 BPM, so don’t buy this one expecting anything full power!

The cd starts sweetly, with the return of France’s Jaia with his tune Vs French Kisz – Drifting Planet. Lush pads and atmospheres swell over electro leads over a driving housey groove. Leaves me waiting and wanting for the new Jaia release on Digital Structures sometime soon… Their track on FX Progressive Trance is one of my favourite of all time…

Next up is new-comer Rai, and disappoint he does not. The last TV release had a Rai tune, and I liked it but this one I prefer much more… Loungey chill grooves, this one is for sitting at home by the pool!

Vision and Canedy never cease to amaze me with their consistency, and “Collected Vibes” is no different; released on Vinyl a while back, I was hoping this tune would get a CD release sometime… Fat and funky with a tribal groove, works wonders on the dance floor…

“Leloo” by Minilogue (Son Kite’s house project) is one of the highlights of the cd for me, I swear everything these guys touch is gold. The largest, chunky bassline over a pushing tribal groove that could only be Markus and Seb… Gold!

Flowjob’s return to the game is marked as well, with an album coming soon on Iboga Records. Good to see so many older acts resurfacing lately, I was beginning to wonder where they all went! Doesn’t let down Flowjob’s older stuff either, I definitely get into this tune. One of the more “trancey” numbers on the album, this tune is made for beer and Sunday afternoons!

Holm & Anderson is the new progressive house project of Elysium Project. Been in the game a while, his experience shows through on this funky release. Catchy sample and crisp production, Holm & Anderson will be one to watch in the progressive scene.

Ticon is the one major letdown of this release for me. I have always been a MASSIVE Ticon fan, and I’m getting a little bit paranoid about the direction they seem to be taking. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a terrible track, it’s just not the Ticon I used to know and love. I think they should have labelled it NDSA, the latest tune by their house project sounds more old-school Ticon than this one. Very electro sounding, the bassline gets a bit repetitive for my liking and it doesn’t go to far either  I’m hoping their remix of Sub6 – 7th sun will live up to my expectations a bit more.

Leo is up next, and is perhaps the most “different” track on the release. Deep and driving, this track reminds me more of some of the other Tribal Vision artists like POTS and Human Blue. One to watch this name, this track has a very original feel and vibe to it. Much Deeper and more psychedelic feel than the other track, this one will stand out for those who aren’t so much into the housier side of progressive.

Shuma is up last with an electro tune. Personally not the biggest fan of this track, but then again, I’ve never been much of an electro fan. Would definitely go down well indoors though, and I wouldn’t say it’s a bad track for those who like the style.

A very consistent release, and a great addition to any progressive DJ or fans wallet alike. Tribal Vision seems to have a very busy release schedule this year, and I look forward to their future, it seems quite bright.

JK- 7/10